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Aviation // Aircraft Insecticides

Aerosafe® Aircraft Insecticide
Aerosol Aircraft Insecticide for Cabin Spraying
  • Non-flammable aircraft approved aerosol insecticide for use inside the aircraft during flight at the top of descent.


Aircraft approved Callington Aerosafe® is a non-flammable, aerosol insecticide that effecitvely kills mosquitoes and other flying and crawling insects. It is to be carried out inside the cabin just as it shifts from cruise phase to decent, prior to disembarkation in accordance with respective national Quarantine regulations. Callington Aerosafe® contains the World Health Organization recommended active substance of 2% w/w d-Phenothrin. 


Callington Aerosafe® complies withthe World Health Organization specifications for aircraft insecticides and has the following approvals:
• BOEING D6-7127
• AMS 1450A

Ordering Info

Part NumberSizesCase Pack
4520/40/US (40g) -d-Phenothrin (multi shot) 48
4520/40/1/US (40g) - d-Phenothrin (single shot) 48