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CLEAN+ // Fresh + Clean

Fresh + Clean Odor Eliminator
Aircraft & Commercial Odor Eliminator
  • Water-based and non-flammable
  • Colorless, will not stain
  • Provides long lasting protection


Fresh + Clean Odor Eliminator is a ready to use spray which neutralizes and eliminates unpleasant smells. It helps kill odors caused by bacteria, mold, or other organic causes, as well as odors from other chemicals. To be used in aircraft cabins, galleys, and toilets, Fresh + Clean Odor Eliminator eliminates all sources of bad odors including smoking, cooking, waste bins, and urine. Fresh + Clean Odor Eliminator is also effective with the odor caused by vomiting. It effectively eradicates odors in cargo holds with the transport of animals and foodstuff.

Fresh + Clean Odor Eliminator can be used for water recycling or with vacuum toilets. Can be diluted with the "blue" water treatment products while still increasing their effectiveness. Leave the toilets and the cabin with a pleasant unscented environment and atmosphere, for passenger and crew comfort.


• AMS 1550B

Ordering Info

Part NumberSizesCase Pack
5145/150/AMS Fresh+Clean Odor Eliminator (150mL)  24