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Aviation // Hand Sanitizers

NOVEX N°4 Foaming Anti-Bacterial Hand Sanitizer
Non-Alcohol Foaming Anti-Bacterial Hand Sanitizer
  • Kills 99.9% of germs fast
  • Non-flammable & alcohol free
  • No rinsing required
  • pH balanced to protect the skin from dryness and irritation
  • Formulated to meet the WHO Guidelines on Hand Hygiene
  • Corresponds to the US FDA concentrations for antiseptic hand rubs


NOVEX Foaming Anti-Bacterial Non-Alcohol Hand Sanitizer is specifically formulated to provide anti-bacterial protection in situations where exposure to different bacterial contamination is possible, and running water is not available. Features a pH balanced moisturizing formulation to protect skin from drynessand irritation. Compared to gel sanitizers, NOVEX provides three times the number of applications per ounce. Designed to be compatible with aircraft lavatories. 


• DIN: 02290855

Ordering Info

Part NumberSizesCase Pack
9029/300/AMS 300mL 12